Mercedes Sprinter Side

2014 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger Side Seat

2014 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger Side Seat

2014 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger Side Seat   2014 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger Side Seat
HERE FOR SALE IS A 2014 MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER PASSENGER SIDE SEAT. I have been in the business for over. Anything that can be turned into profit. Gearboxes, diff's, fuel pumps, etc, for spares or repair/reconditioning. Myself, if the part is familiar to me, or send the relevant part off, to an experienced. Collection of all, and any part's, are welcome. I will need notice to get the parts ready, as I work in more than one place. This will be highlighted, at the top of the page, by saying free p+p. I only use couriers who collect from my home, or business, as I don't have the time, to go to the post office, or drop off points. If you are planning to collect, then I will take less.

Further helpful info is below. Please get in touch asap, once a deal has been made, so we can arrange a convenient time, as I will need notice to dig the part out, or remove. Reasonable sized items (Anything smaller than a big gearbox). Will be sent using a courier service. Large, heavy single items (Anything bigger than an average gearbox).

Will be sent on a pallet, using a pallet service, or shiply, which is covered in it's own section below. I wont always be able to give a quote for large heavy items, and may need to be handled on an individual customer needs basis. So Some items, will have to be advertised as collection only. Please ask for a quote in any event. Multiple items/parts which will not get along packaged together. There is a service out there called shiply, that is helpful in this type of situation, which I have put into it's own section, below. Single items, large items, and multiple items.

The way it works is, There are a lot of private courier's, traveling around the country, who look to not be traveling to, or from a collection's with an empty van, as well as continuous work. It's an ideal solution when there's a lot of items, or heavy items. It's a trust worthy service. Collection is always an option, which is also covered above. Photo's Please don't take all the photo's literal.

I will try and take the best photo's I can, but in the cases, where I need to spend a long time stripping down the parts, just to photo individual parts, I may take a photo of the vehicle, the engine bay, the part number, or part attached to another. Photo's sometimes, are for illustration purposes. All my Items, unless stated other wise, are in good, reusable condition, and some times reconditioned, or very good condition, never new. I have to be realistic, as I work alone, and I can't exceed my limit, or work load. This way I'm not setting any unrealistic goals for myself, and we all know where we stand.

I have then given the postal service 3 to 5 days. It often doesn't take this long, but I like given myself a safety margin, for unforeseen events. If you do need a rush put on anything, please do ask, and I'll give you as clear an answer as I can.

Please bare in mind that certain unforeseen things can happen, such as bad weather, family emergencies, bad health etc. I will notify you if any problems have arose. If I'm physically able to.

I will a lot of the time, need an old unit back, for reconditioning, or spares, such as engines, and gearboxes etc. In the case of engines.

There are a couple of ways we can do business. My definition of an engine is the bottom end, and a engine head. The same as an engine supplier. If any of your ancillary's are broken, you will need to pay for this part.

I aim to offer a good level of service. I don't sell any items that are not mechanically good.

I cover all my parcels in the event off loss or damage. This way both I, and the customer are covered. I check all my parts before sending them. If your original problem isn't fixed with the spare part, It doesn't necessary mean the part supplied is at fault.

When I strip engines, I plug all holes, and wrap in shrink wrap, so no foreign objects get in. With body panels, such as bumpers, wing's and door's, I don't supply new part's, or spray them, so you will be getting panels from used cars, and other panels would have been leaned against them, in storage. Metal parts, such as brakes, hubs, suspension, clutch kits are vulnerable to rust. When removing parts all over the car, some tool removal marks are unavoidable, especially with stubborn parts. I do not guarantee any parts that are not being used for the designed purpose, such as engines/gearboxes going into projects or kit cars, parts being used for upgrades, on different parts or being modified.

If you drop the part or damage while fitting, and do not have fitted by a qualified fitter, and finally please make sure you put oil in engines, gearboxes and fit turbos correctly, by cleaning all intercooler hoses and pre oil the turbo. With interior parts, such as seats and carpets, I store the parts in a garage, they aren't getting damaged but after a while dust will settle on them and surface mold will set. I don't clean them on sale, as the parts need to be fitted, and then they can be cleaned. Car seats also tend to lose there shape when stacked on top of one another, face to face, but should eventually pop back into shape.

I will listen, and take other peoples opinions on any problems, but have been in the business long enough, to know what's what. So we are all bound by these rules. I will advertise all parts as accurate as possible, so the item is as described. Please read the advert properly, and don't rely on the photo 100%, as it may be a stock photo, or for illustration. If the item is damaged, I will require photo's of the damage, Internal packaging, and external packaging. I will decide after we've resolved the issue, whether or not I will need the item back, I cover all my items, so If the part is damaged in transit, we are covered. I mark all my items, in the event of someone trying to return different items. Not tampered with, altered, or any repairs attempted. I will be as fare as I can with each an every case.

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2014 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger Side Seat   2014 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger Side Seat